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Data displayed on the map may be incomplete/inaccurate. For information you would like to add, please send me a message. You may also use the MapContrib page to contribute directly to the map.

How to Volunteer

If you have any specialization that you would like to share to the project, please contact us at or +639985542672 or (02) 436-1808  to join the volunteer team. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Collaboration for additional data is also welcome. Salamat po!

View the Mental health resources/services as list and/or provide helpful notes on the resources/services.

For helpful feedback/notes for anyone who would like to seek professional help, please input them on the notes/recommendations column in the list linked below for the particular service/facility you would like to give feedback to. (e.g. “This clinic is LGBT friendly.”, “Queue early.”, etc.)

Mental Health A-WHERE-ness (List + Volunteer Notes)

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A series of mapathons aka mapping marathons will be conducted to involve volunteers in an offline workshop. In these mapathons, we will be mapping mental health services and resources via OpenStreetMap (OSM) to make these data available to everyone.

Mapathon 1 Resources and Details: here | Feedback Form: