• Select a point on the map to display more information.
  • Use mouse scroll wheel (or – and +) to zoom in/out; double click to zoom in.
  • Hold and scroll to pan view.
  • Toggle between layers (Free Services and Paid Services) to show facilities offering paid or free Services.
  • Please share the Mental Health A-WHERE-ness Map to those who might need it! 🙂


Instructions on how to Use the MapContrib Page

For those who would like to contribute additional data by adding locations to the map, you may opt to send the information through the Contact Page, or use the MapContrib Page for the Mental Health A-WHERE-ness Map. Your contribution will be added to the map on the next update upon verification of the information.

To use the MapContrib Page, please follow these steps:

  1. Login with your openstreetmap account.
  2. Add your data/point using the pencil icon on the right side of the page.
  3. A crosshair will appear on the map. Put the middle of the crosshair at the exact location of the facility/service you would like to be added to the map.
  4. Select “Mental health facility” on the “Add Node” portion.
  5. Input information for “Name”, “Address”, “Free or Paid?” (Type whether the facility offers free or paid service), and “Additional Information” (Suggested time of visit, person to contact, website, etc.)
  6. Click save.

Your inputs will be verified and added to the MHAPH Map on the next update.